Energy Storage

Energy Storage

We believe that home/small office enery storage can help the grid to use less carboned electricity. We I.T. people use lots of electricity, but we should decarbonate a maximum to stop using fossil ressource (or use the less we can).

This energy storage also can be used as big UPS to be "off grid" when electricity costs are too high or avoid having a bigger electricity contract. For example store the evergy in the night when electricty cost less and use the battery with the grid have more power to start machines that needs a spike of energy.
Coupling this with solar panel on roof or somewhere else this can allow on bright days to be more or less off-grid, or use it to recharge electrics cars with energy that is exceeded the home/small office battery.

Hardware used

We prefer the following hardware for energy storage :

Contact us about your plans of energy storage, we can work to make the project being live.